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Listen to the music when you are engaged in other activities, Music Center was born for this use. 

Positioned from 15cm to 60cm from the floor, produces an high music scene.
Deep and clear with extended bass, voices are clear and harmonious, with a great musicality. 
We will surprise .

The sliding grill are made in microfiber,  treated with dust-repellent and rigorously  produced in Italy,

The front components are scratch resistant. 

 Piano black lacquer,  sides are leather.

       4060 Music Center     " Laminated Motor"

       Technical Data

Tweeter:                                26 mm Soft Dome Mid-woofer:                           2 x 152 mm Max d. Servo-woofer:                       4 x 152 mm Max d. Amplifier Recommended : 2 x 1>50 Watt RMS 6+6ohm Frequency Response :       38 Hz – 25 KHz +/- 3 db Efficiency:                              90 db               

       Size Visible (incl. Grill)

Width adjustable from 101.5 to 106.4 cmHeight : 20,7 cmDepth : 11,5 cm