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Gold transmission Line

It represents our ultimate expression in terms of design and construction capability

On Gold TL we transferred all our knowledge of over twenty years of acoustic researches

We have specifically designed and built two new drivers for the transmission line, with innovative  engines,

capable of responding quickly and with energy, creating a precise micro-movements.

Innovative circuit point to point, with high quality standard in all its components rigorously "Made in Europe".

The cabinet is built with our technology "Unibloc" ll of these have been optimized for peak performance,

  • Speed
  •  Extension
  •  Musicality
  •  Fluidity
  •  the sound creates a lively scene
  • we involve

  •  giving you an unique emotion.

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We have designed this specific connector with a three times oro thickness required in order to have an excellent conductivity 

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    Technical Data


  •  Tweeter:   26 mm High Definition Soft Dome
  •  Mid-woofers:   1 x 152 mm (5.9”) Max D  
  •  Woofers:   1 x 152 mm (5.9”) Max D  
  •  Power handling:   100W Rms
  •  Amplifier recommended least  10 > 100 WRMS
  •  Frequency response:    30 Hz – 25 KHz +/- 3 db
  •  Efficiency:    92 db
  •  Impedance:    6 ohm (min. 4 ohm)
  •  Loudspeaker cabinet dimension

  •  H eight:    94 cm (35.6”)
  •  Width:      20 cm (8”)
  • Depth:       38 cm (29,4”)