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                                                                      Micro Gold ll ° with leather trim.

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Small musical jewel. Built without compromises.

Refined, it reassumes in itself the best distinctive lines of Made in Italy, it stands apart for a perfect equilibrium of stylistic elegance, elevated performances and project innovation.

Its timbre recalls past emotions, with harmonius voices and bass rich in details that offer to the listening the emotional vigour of a musical event.

Micro Gold II                                     

The new series keeps only  the name of the previous one. We have designed, built and optimized a completely new speaker, starting from  cabinet of a greater size and greater thickness. A new circuit with most valuable components Made in England and in Italy and all our technology know-how.
The front part is a sandwich of 4 cm,

Built by hand with the aid of digital machines, within our company in Chieti, is the construction of the speakers,
both the electrical circuit and both the Cabinet


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Tecnical Data : 3024 Micro Gold ll°

  • Tweeter:                          25 mm High Definition Aluminium/Magnesium alloy dome
  • Mid -Woofers max d.:       1 x 152 mm (5.9”)
  • Power Handling:               70 Watts RMS
  • Amplifier Recommended    50 W RMS
  • Frequency Response:       40Hz – 20 KHz +/- 3db
  • 35 -20 khz+/- 2dB at 50 cm from the floor and close to the back wall
  • Efficiency:                        89 db
  • Impedence:                      6 ohm (min.4 ohm)