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Cento 50
Replaces a couple loudspeakear Florstanding of High Performances 

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The contemporaneity ... Expression of Evolution, A Timeless charm!
Unique, innovative, fashion design, perfect interpreter of the modern lifestyle ... the new loudspeaker Monolite Center. Designed with the intention of giving life to an extremely brilliant speaker, acoustic and dynamic, able to sum up in himself the whole passion of

 Monolite Design & Technology for music and for listening. Built with the most advanced electro-acoustic technology Centro has an innovative mission ..... Being Unique and Multi-Functional.

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Centro 50  His aesthetic vaguely resembles the soundbar, does not have a built-in home theater system.

inside there are two loudspeakers of great quality with a unique high-frequency emission. The sounds, the voices, the music will come sharp and clear, full-bodied, "It seems to be at the Cinema, to stay at the stadium, you feel the kick on the ball, alive, true." These are some of the expressions of those who use the Centro 50.  . 


Centro 50 has admirers in many countries the world, we produce it since 2007
"continually upgrade our products"


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          Technical Data  :  Centr 50

  • Tweeter:                                         26 mm High Definition Soft dome
  • Mid-woofer max d.:                          2 x 152 mm (5.9”)
  • Servo-woofer:                                  4 x 152 mm (5.9”)
  • Power Handling:                              50+ 50Watts RMS 8+8ohm
  • Power Handling:                              100 Watts RMS 4ohm
  • Frequency Response                       35Hz – 25 KHz +/- 3 d
  • Efficiency:                                       90 db 4ohm
  • Efficiency:                                       88 db 8ohm
  • Size Visible (incl. Grill)
  • Height:                                            20,7 cm 
  • Width adjustable from:                     121 to 126 cm 
  • Depth:                                            11,5 cm 
  • Weight:                                           20kg with the base  16kg without the base

Two packs with Base BC 4250

When you want sound quality and do not have space to place two important florstandig Loudspeaker, Subwoofer,

 Centro 50 is the best solution. 

You can support Center 50 from 15 to 60 cm from the floor, or wall anchor. The sounds of music and voices, always come out from the screen, both low and is at loud volume. Listen to the music of "quality."


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Sliding Grill, microfiber fabric treated with silicones, dust-repellent, very low elesticità, produced in Italy. 

Colors grill: Bordeaux, Anthracite, Cream, Pearl Grey, Blue.
The front housing components is black piano lacquer.


Built by hand with the aid of digital machines, within our company in Chieti, is the construction of the speakers,
both the electrical circuit and both the Cabinet